Jack Chelgren


ethical body care begins at-home streaming
undercover cops no
I had to impeach those guys
cancel talk
I couldn’t stay babied in the silo of the heart
yet am no one’s Copernicus
or bradly undressed                 life is crude
in these leathers, predictably flex 
I just need some money to remember my name
some thoughts in whose way I make sense
with the jackhammered sidestreets 
the refurbished dells
a late bolshevik’s shampoo commercial



meaning one thing is banished
another is stored

How a mommy cat hisses
when you open the door to the bathroom
where she’s kept with her little ones

where they must be kept
until something in their bodies turns over

If ethics begins at a fixed starting point and grows outward
if mercy is visible in the meshwork
and expression gives shape to its angle

to bludgeon or cut or detour

Who’ll enjoy a wide tongue
contract, captcha

and haggle me out of my

into my begging


Jack Chelgren is a poet and essayist from Seattle whose writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Tripwire, The Seventh Wave, The Rumpus, on Metatron Press's Instagram and at the Northwest Film Forum. 

Tweets @thelonguepuree