Grace Yannotta

A Machinated Genie

how do you find google history
lacrimal bone
visited: list of bones of the human body – simple english wikipedia…
picasso une expedition au coeur de genie de l’artiste
political cartoon burka
define: creative
which samsung phone blew up
senegalese president
boston college
how to screenshot on a lenovo
application fee
visited: the nameless city – wikipedia
visited: catcher in the rye – wikipedia 
the nameless city
which era was catcher in the rye
which era was oscar wilde
which literature era is les miserables
dutch baroque wallpaper
google forms
visited: maria sibylla merian – national museum of women in the arts

visited: maria sibylla merian – life, facts, & works –


Grace Yannotta is a 2019 Best of The Net nominee and a freshman at UNC, double majoring in English and History. She has work published or forthcoming in Parhelion Lit, Ghost City Press, Rabid Oak, Mojave Heart Review, and Rise Up Review, among others. She is also a writer for Limeaid and Her Campus, Chapel Hill Branch as well as an Editorial Coordinator for Poets Reading the News. 

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