Thomas Macfie

April Fragment

A guilt at brim with
yet the unifying water 

table this single shore 
of earth and of speech 


Edge-of-Water: Nameless Spring, Sewanee, TN 

How small do we have to be 
to be so often? A green chunter we 

bunk with deplorables 
too the tiger frogs head 

band belch by permeable kvetch 
the reservoir folks are at best 

stretched to listening with
water the limestone’s supposed

to filter certain impurities 
but here we are 

again one of us doubles back 
to ride his dirt bike 

over the shell of a box turtle— 
So its already over now, crumpled  

so its already done. 


Thomas Macfie is from Sewanee, TN, where he currently lives. He studied at Flathead Valley Community College and the University of Montana. Some of his writing can be found at COAST|noCoast, Diagram, Fence, and The Nashville Scene, and some of his music can be heard at